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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mothers Love

A mother’s love and the love of the mother is very strong and pure love that connects mother and her child, God teaches us that love, Jesus always said, and tells us that we have to take care of his mother and her love for no one can love as a mother and give motherly warmth, nothing in the world can compare to a mother’s love, it is a special and more it can only be the love of God, no matter where you are, no one will never understand you as a mother and God, the Father’s love is also very important in my life but the We will talk about in our next article, now let’s talk about his mother and about how important it is in life and how strong her love.

Every mother can sacrifice his life for the sake of her child because the mother loves her child more than anyone can love. It is no accident when we are always difficult or painful we utter, the mother, or, God,this is because the love of the mother and the love of God is very strong and well developed in man, the mother has a large role in life, she man is born into the world, she feeds and educates, it protects and gives heat, so a mother’s love is different from all others, it is big and strong.

Every mother loves her child no matter what, she always tries to make sure that the child was better and does everything for the welfare of their child, which is not surprising because the mother of his life trying to dedicate a child, unfortunately there are mothers who leave their children and it is very bad, this is a very big sin, no matter what happens you can never leave a child that God gave and trust, what difficulties did not happen, go to church, ask for help but never leave a child whom God has given you, remember that God will help you as would be hard you may be, do not leave your child, because it is a gift of God, and the day will come when you will regret the fact that they left their child and gave it up so never do not do that because it can not be a great gift of life than a child God trusts you and through you is born a new life that is given to you by God and you sin of rejecting the mother is the most positive person in everyone’s life, and nothing can replace a mother’s love and a mother, nothing can replace God, these two emotions are indispensable in life, a woman is given this, be a mother, to bring to light a new life, and it’s awesome love and grace of God and the happiness of every woman.
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