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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Know that God Exists

If you know that God exists, show it with his life. Live as the will of God and Jesus, do not sin, do good, try to make people around you joy and love, try to never tell anyone not to envy and desire of evil, remember that there is a God, and God, Jesus always look at you and see your actions and your actions will be given to you in life and end of life, so go on the path of God, the path of love and kindness and always bestow love and kindness and it will return to you, do not sin and do not anger God, do not do bad things, his kind and good deeds are you happy about God and Jesus and the gates of heaven will be opened to you, your good deeds will never be forgotten and ignored God and Jesus, always do good and know God and Jesus love you!
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